It is around 10 o"clock when our guy appears from nowhere. He is dressed in a blue jean pair of trousers. A beautiful red t- shirt covers his upper part of the body, while his feet are hidden in black sneakers. He however gives off a mysterius aura. His bright blue eyes are worthy giving … Continue reading THE BLACK GUY FROM 2016



It always starts with the uncomfortable hotness on your skin, and then your body starts rolling regardless of the fact that you’re only increasing the heat by over covering yourself. Then the sweet sleep turns red and horrors invade your sweet slumber. Before you know it, you’re screaming for mummy even if you already moved … Continue reading WHEN NIGHT FALLS…

Pentalements [COMPLETED] I just finished reading this fictional story online and I must say it's amazing. First, I love happy endings and this Pentalements story doesn't fail. Then talk about the suspense in the beginning, and all through,I love it. Don't even get me started on the love triangles. Kudos to Steven Steel. So, you've got … Continue reading Pentalements [COMPLETED]

Evolution of Men

So Professor Hamo gave his list of Wonders of The World on But he forgot to add evolution of men( not Man). Fortunately we change to something worse than austrolopithecus. You meet a chick and she's like "You're a real gentleman ", .next you become "the sweetest thing in my life ". You get … Continue reading Evolution of Men