Fun and Family

Fun and Family

Did i say there was plenty of cake for all, even those absent.

So the lecturers strike did mess me up, but in every dark tunnel, there are bound to be spiders and cobwebs.(or is it light at the end of the tunnel? You get the point.) So there was a positive thing out of this mess, I finally got to attend the annual  Family come-together . God knows how I had missed it.

I don’t have to say much because these pictures do say it all. The Easter holiday was on FIIIRRRREEE!!!!



Anyway, I am sorry for being away for so long. I got  pretty held up by life and shit but I am back.  I promise not to disappear again without a proper explanation and a blaring warning. Thanks in advance, for understanding. Bye for now.

That is us.
Because the important things are free.

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