While I was Away.

Things do happen. While I was away, I finished my semester exams for third year, my ex- girlfriend got pregnant with another dude. That is how she become my ex, all the best for her. Oh and opposition leaders got teargas from IEBC and so much more.

Personally, I might have called one of my friends weird and complicated and learned something from it. Do you see these marks on my cheek; it is one of the lessons. Never call a lady weird, even if she truly looks weird to you.

Jokes aside, I learned something.  The more you get complicated in life at personal level, the more you become predictable from outside. The vice versa applies too. When your life gets simple and straight- forward, that is when you become complicated from outside.

Let me give an example. Imagine these two ladies at campus or college, whichever works for you. Lady 1 has a plan for her life. She only came to campus for the education and skills, takes no part in relationships and drugs over the weekend. Her life is simple and straight. I don’t mean to say she doesn’t apply make- up, no. She is beautiful and knows how to be a lady with make-up and all. She is an active member of the CU; actually, she is an official there.

Then there is Lady 2. She is too in campus but for all the fun plus education. She is always in and out of relationships and heartbreaks are a permanent part of her vocabulary. She is almost high on all the weekends.

Looking from my perspective, Lady 1 looks complicated because she is following her dream regardless of what you expect her to be. A dude thinks he can change her and ends up landing in the library on a Saturday or in a CU fellowship on a Friday evening. That would be the definition of complicated to the boy.

Lady 2 things she has a complicated life. Those people on Facebook who are always posting things like in a complicated relationship, the following week it changes to Single then back to being complicated. Those are the people talking about men been dogs and team mafisi while they are the pack leaders, Alphas for that matter. By the end of an academic year, she has nothing to show for a relationship. To anyone from outside, she is simply a player, or even worse depending on how the relationships end. Sometimes gold digger applies too. Things are clearly predictable with her because you know she will be in a relationship and soon break up before it starts. You can be sure to have her over the weekend for some stupid party as long as you are buying the drinks. On Monday, you will expect her to talk about hangovers and similar vocabulary. So predictable yet so complicated inside.

So what is the lesson you ask? None at all. However, follow your path faithfully because as the bible says, you will have to account for all you decisions and actions. Me, I am looking for words to apologize to the lady I called weird. I am actually happy she has no idea I have a blog where I get to talk about her slap. Hehehe. Okay, seriously, any ideas on what I should do?



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