I’m seated here staring into space. Then comes the memories. They start flowing into my mind. I can almost feel their impact as they land on the big cup that is my brain. The cup mourns loudly as its sides are pushed to the limit. It is a mess inside there.
It is another scenario outside my pretty brain. My eyes are smiling silently, eager not to lose the grip on the sweet candy they are swallowing from inside. Even the blind can see they are happy. My eyes. The air around me stops to stare at me, then it resumes its journey around the world. I can already see its face with something like “so weird “written all over it. I bet it stared for a minute. I just hope I’m not the reason somebody died somewhere due to lack of oxygen. That would make me feel like a terrorist. I wonder how the guy would look at me once they are in heaven. Would they be happy that I gave them the passport to paradise? Or they would come to haunt me in my dreams?
It is a different story inside my good mind. I’m in another world of memories, doing stuff of the future past. I feel like a denominator. You know like the number 2 feels when 1 puts his seat on her head. Yeah, 2 looks pretty, maybe she a pretty girl with long hair. Not those weave things girls put on their head nowadays. She probably likes wearing a long trench coat that makes you imagine her wearing nothing on. Crazy stuff. The mathematics. Sorry to those guys that hate mathematics, I didn’t know you could hold a grudge for that long.

I’m on the clouds, floating. The memories are so sweet. There is however a nagging feeling behind my mind that is reminding me that this are all things of the past. It is so uncomfortable having to deal with that part of the mind that strives on reality. Take for example in high school when you are given a composition about the wedding to remember, and that part of the brain is also there trying to tell you about how many burials you have attended over the years. Like seriously? But I manage to do what we all are good at. Assume it is not there.
The memories take me back to a time when my heart wasn’t lonely. I remember the songs I used to sing. Not loudly though, I can’t stomach the embarrassment of a terrible voice. But singing is singing. Out of happiness, jealousy, stress…whatever makes you want to sing. Even taking a cold shower. I love showering in the morning because of the songs dudes sing during that time. The other day, someone was squealing something about “baby come over” and I was like “dude, it’s 21st century”. I like my showers quiet. If God blessed you with a nice voice, show the world what you can do with the voice before I get jealous.

You can always tell when something is about to happen. Even in your dreams. Like when you find yourself seated next to a beautiful lady in this dream. Then you decide to start a conversation. But just when you are about to say something smart, probably something she may have to check in the dictionary…you remember you did not brush your teeth and your mouth smells like shit. As if that is not enough, she looks at you and you realize it’s you mathematics teacher from high school. Of course you didn’t notice because of that fancy thing on her head. (Do they still call them weaves?) And she had sprayed herself with something that reminds you of the first day you put a lot pepper on your food. Then applied a lot of baby powder on her face till she looks like an empty MS Word page waiting to be typed. All you can do is nothing. That is when you wake up cursing the world.
Back to the topic. I’m remembering good moments. Like when my younger brother and I decided to put our best nasty faces and take a selfie. Beautifully nasty was the awesome result. Those were the good time. When I didn’t have to think about assignments, CATs, or even brokenness. It is a general rule in campus. You are either broke, taking CATs or exams or …somewhere throwing stones, I obviously like the last one more. All you have to do is watch how the guys from western are doing it and mirror their actions. You even don’t have to choose a target, just throw and pray that the Senate doesn’t notice you from the CCTV cams.

Memories are cool,like anything that you think to be cool. Exactly, that one on your head right now. Cherish it while it lasts. The neuroscientists say that memories are what we remember of something when we last remembered. Like if you remember some good party somewhere on December, it is the picture of how you last saw it on your mind. This means when you search your mind tomorrow about the same event, you will get something different.

Have a nice February y’all.


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