It’s hardly 8 o’clock in the morning when I notice him. I’m seated at my favorite place on the balcony, well, watching the blossoming sun as it penetrates the morning clouds. I have this feeling that I know him but can’t seem to remember.
Now that there are less people on the road, I can see him clearly. He stands by the road like one awaiting the bus. Those that pass by him don’t notice a guy on a black shirt and a pair of blue jean trousers standing under the lamppost. He is practically hiding in plain sight. As I watch from the balcony, I’m almost certain somebody will shout “Mwizi” soon. Well that never comes. His beard is well trimmed and his hair is cut short. If he had on some dark shades, I’d call him some undercover cop, he looks as military as he stands there with his back toward me.
Just then he turns around I can already see his right hand is holding a camera. Those big things that journalists carry that look like they cost a million. His has very many round things that make me thing of a sci-fi movie about shooting. It is like his camera can zoom in the ant trying to devour the trash on the other side of the road.
All of sudden, a couple emerge holding hands. Probably some newlywed lovers who can’t let the other walk themselves to the job. This guy of mine notices them before me and goes for the kill. I can see him turning some circular things on his camera before there is a flash. It is now that the couple notices him. The camera guy jumps over a drench and reaches for the boot of a car that I hadn’t realized was there all along. He opens the boot then bends over some black thing for some moments. At this time the couple is still following him joyfully and as they get to the car he smiles back. I would expect his teeth to be black and disfigured but his dental reflection proves me wrong, again.
He hands the couple an envelope and smiles back, his mouth moves up and down and I only have to imagine what he says. Something like… “Here you go sir and ma’am”. The couple return the smile and the guy opens his wallet while the lady is busy trying to open the big khaki envelope. Out of the envelope comes out big pictures, those that can be put on the wall, not a photo album. I can say they are beautiful and extremely professional cause of how the lady squeals and hugs the young dude. The husband is equally pleased coz he gives the dude something that resembles a 500 shillings note and say something out of the movies, “keep the change”.

So I’m writing this post out of jealousy, the good kind of jealousy. Well, this dude made me jealous because first he gets a free morning hug, then his breakfast is upgraded by 500 shillings, who can’t envy that?


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