It is around 10 o”clock when our guy appears from nowhere. He is dressed in a blue jean pair of trousers. A beautiful red t- shirt covers his upper part of the body, while his feet are hidden in black sneakers. He however gives off a mysterius aura. His bright blue eyes are worthy giving a second look if not for his strange aura. Infact, he would not be offended at all if he found you whispering about an angel … or just vampire stuff while pointing fingers at him. Ooops, I am getting lost in vampires and angels now.

Anyway, talking about getting lost. Our mystrious guy awaits the bus patiently as if nothing can waste his time in this world. He picks a seat next to the window when the bus pulls over violently, and lets his eyes wonder away to the speeding trees to the opposite. His aura is so repelling that he has to sit alone for half the distance. Outta blues, a beautiful lady comes to sit across from him. He doesnt spare her even a minute until she starts shouting gibberish to the conducter, something about the conducter being merciless and un empathical. Just when he thinks that all is done, another lady seated on the front seat starts telling stories with all her voice, as if teling the whole bus. He is almost wishing that there were one of those pastors thatoard buses, preach , but dont pay. At least they preach and control the noises in vehicles! Still he doesnt say anything to anybody.

The world is not a place for the faint hearted, the world doesnt care about your feelings; or even your learned thoughts. All this passes through his mind as he is looking out through the dirty window pane of the old bus. The noise grows as more people keep boarding until he cant focus on his lovely memories. He cant recall the reason why she had to leave him immediately after the end of year festivities. He was sure he never did anything to upset her; at least nothing he can remember. This important flow of memories is openly disturbed by this guy who is shouting to the cool conducter for his balance to buy cigarettes.That kinda gets to him.

They say that there is an animal in us, just that its on leash and under complete control. Our mysterious guy gets his animal loose.
It starts as a whisper.

‘ shut up!’ Then his menacal voice raises slowly in his second time just as his teeth show like a growling dog.Then he loses every control and jumps for the noise makers,literally.

What happens in the next few seconds can only be said to be terrible. The old mzee talking about cigarettes finds himself outside the bus through the window. A shouting woman faints after a punch meets her forehead. The conductor tries to control the condition and finds himself with a dislocated arm and injured leg. A bone almost snaps somewhere , several shouts are heard before it all stops. Our cool guy stands tall with no sign of fatigue, a genuine smile plastered on his face, and shoves his hands into his jeans. The reigning silence is too loud. The driver has also stopped the bus after passengers started alighting through the wrong exits.
Only one voice breaks the eery silence. ‘I just need my silence’. Some old guy in the back seat says something about people deserving what they get? Our guy is not listening, he is already on his seat and staring out of the window in complete silence. He has probably started on another happy memory because he smiles with his eyes , gives the rest of the bus a sweep with his eyes then goes back into his thoughts.
I may sit here telling you all about the journey. However, lucky for you the mysterious guy is just around the corner, prabably just standing beside you on the bus stop carrying a college bus and wearing cool shades. Or seated across from you day dreaming about how he will pass the coming test in mathematics of life. Probably, he is seated on some green lawn with his legs crossed reading this stupid story and wondering why my writting abilities are so poor . That mysterious guy might be you trying to tell me to shut up and get to the point. Well, let me be clear and say this omnious point, I didnt have a single point while writting this post. All I wanted was to flex my muscles while typing.
Anyway, does it matter?